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Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Strongman, Crossfit Weightlifting

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Stacy discovered Functional Fitness in 2012 when her personal trainer sent her to Jet City CrossFit mistakenly thinking it was a boxing gym. Fascinated (and a bit intimidated) by all the people jumping on boxes, she decided to stick around for the opportunity to kick some ass. Since then, functional fitness has become a way of life for her because she gets to lift heavy shit with an awesome community she loves. A treehugger at heart, Stacy's coaching style is laid back, goofy, and welcoming. She loves being able to show people that just because one doesn't fit society's standards of "fitness," it doesn't mean you can't hang with the fire breathers. Her goals are to teach her clients not to judge their body by its type and to push themselves for better (and heavier!!) things. Her favorite thing about coaching is watching people do things they never thought they'd be able to do. When she's not at 777, Stacy likes to go camping in her teardrop trailer, cheer on the Seahawks, and listen to AC/DC with her wife and their dog.

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